Safari Photo Journals

The Osprey Filming Company was the first to introduce the Safari Photo Journal. Using the latest digital imagery software we are able to take still frame photographs from your safari video footage. These photos are unique in that they capture the essence of the adventure without the need of an additional stills photographer.

Because a video camera captures images continuously, the exact frame required can be selected. This technique is much more precise than the hit and miss method of stills photography and a whole lot quieter!

Field notes are taken on the safari recording all of the action of the adventure. Our graphic designers process the photos and field notes and, along with unique graphics, incorporate them into a tastefully designed coffee-table style photo journal.

The printing of the journals is carried out on commercial printers ensuring the highest possible quality and longevity of the pages. Once printing has been completed it is then express mailed directly from the printer to the hunter. A PDF version of the Safari Photo Journal is also available for PC, laptop or tablet.

Click on the link below to see a Safari Photo Journal sample.

Big Tuskers of Botswana