Client Feedback

We take great pride in our work and will go that “extra mile” to make sure that our clients are happy. Here are a few comments that we have received from our clients.

“First I wanted to tell you what a true professional Lauri was on my safari. He is an incredible cameraman and a great guy to have in camp.  He really added a lot to the safari and made it a much better trip.”


“We just received the DVD’s.  We want to thank you for the great job you and your staff did in the production.  You truly captured our memories of the trip.  The quality was beyond our expectations.  Thanks once again and our family wishes you and your staff a wonderful Christmas.

PS Victoria wants to know how come Roxie’s name did not appear in the credits?  Ha Ha!

I look forward to our next adventure.”


Joseph C.

“James loved the DVD I have only seen parts of it.  James took it immediately to have copies made and just got it back last night.  He is so proud of it.”


Laurie B.

ele charge

“We cannot thank you enough for the fabulous job that you and your staff did in creating a DVD of “memories of a lifetime” for us. We thoroughly enjoy reliving our trip each time we watch our video. It is something we share with our family and friends and allow them to experience an African safari through our personal adventure. We have received numerous compliments of the quality of the video, the content, the background music, editing, and photography. Needless to say, we are very impressed with the finished product. You will come highly recommended to all!”

Kind regards,

Bo & Jamie L.

“It was a fantastic video!  We really enjoyed watching it!  I showed it to my family and they were thrilled.  Showing it again this weekend to my wife’s parents.   Looking to book again next year!”

Thank you!

Mike M.

“Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Just received the DVD’s from Hal’s hunt with Tucker and you in Namibia.  The hunt was very special for Hal.  Thank you for the expedited editing and being such a great friend.”

Best Regards,

Trevor A.

P.S.  Thanks again!!!


“Watched the video tonight. Superb job!

Many thanks for the editing and the thoughtful and complete background material included about the country and the experience of being in Cameroon! I appreciate all the effort that went into the production, and also the addition of table of contents to allow for the “African Christmas”, and inclusion of the outtakes at the end which my father will really, really enjoy.

Very, very strong work, folks!”

Geoff  S.

“I just picked up the video from Fred this morning and I’ve watched it 3 times. The work you did is indescribable. It made me feel like I was there yesterday. One of my favorite memories was when we took the 5 Springbok for the funeral and everybody got to participate.  It is the only part of the video that you are in yet you were so much a part of that safari that it wouldn’t have been the same without you. When I set up another trip, whenever that might be, it will be essential that you be able to accompany me.

Thank you so much not only for capturing on video, but for being such an important part in my first, and probably very difficult to top, safari to Africa.”


Neal C.

“Have viewed the video and it is the best one which I have ever had done. The camera is always stable and the cinematography is beautiful. He did a really fine job. The special effects were also well done. Anytime you need a supporter I’m there for you. Well done !!!!!!!!!”

Tom W.

 cheet 1

“I just finished a fantastic call from Belinda.  She praised and praised your videographer and  complimented his personality as perfect and his expertise in filming to be superb!! She said that his passion for hunting and nature is probably why he is so good at his job.

Belinda said there was no way they could capture this experience PROFESSIONALLY and she went on to say that when such extraordinary hospitality, provisions, hunting…… are combined, FILMING is a must!!!! Right people, Right location, Right experience!!!!!!!  The Allen’s are VERY happy and thanked me over and over for “talking them into the filming”.

Thanks for assigning such a highly skilled and dedicated videographer.”

Regards to all,

Charlie G.


My son-in-law and I watched your DVD yesterday and we were very impressed. The DVD was exceptionally well done and in very good taste. In fact, my son-in-law thought it was the best video he has ever seen on hunting in Africa. I found that quite interesting in that he has never been to Africa so has no prejudices. It is so much better than just pictures to remember the trip

I also found myself going back to other hunts as I watched the baiting and dragging, remembering the hours of boredom and fatigue that goes into a cat hunt. You did very well and took some truly wonderful trophies and I thank you for allowing me the privilege of viewing your hunt.”

Joe C.

“The video- honestly it is probably one of the best-photographed and entertaining safari videos I have ever watched.  I really like that there is always some action whereas in most videos you get hours of boring stalking few of which produce any results.  I have to say now without a doubt that Zig and Tim and their team at Osprey are the best in the business.”


John B.

“I’ve watched the video and am extremely pleased with the outcome.  It is very realistic and professional.  I will definitely call you for my next trip.”  

Tom S.

hippo 1 b

“It’s such a pleasure to work with real professionals. Your team is the greatest.  We get nothing but praise for your work. Looking forward to working with you in the near future.”

Best Regards

Alme and Linda H.

“I absolutely cannot articulate how much I was impressed with all aspects of this most professional production.  Simply, I watched the finest video I’ve ever seen and I could relate to its content. I’ve enjoyed many safaris throughout all of Zambia’s regions but my favorite hunting has been in its Southern Luangwa Valley.”

Ken W.

“We received the DVDs and have watched them.  You did an outstanding job. Tim, it was the best camera work I have seen.  When you captured Acacia’s self-introspective facial impressions as she looked on her first harvested game animal, from the angle you captured it, was genius.  The narration was great, you all are fantastic. Thank you for keeping our memories alive.”

Bruce S. M.