The Osprey Filming Company

The Osprey Filming Company was one of the first companys to offer a personalized filming service to hunters back in 1987. Initially we concentrated on filming safaris within Zimbabwe but over the past three decades we have evolved into specialists in the production of wildlife documentaries and personalized hunting videos worldwide.

Previous assignments have included the filming of polar bear hunting in the Arctic, Marco Polo sheep in Tajikistan and Kyrgystan, blue sheep and golden tarkin in China and ibex in Sudan. We are regularly in Cameroon and the CAR filming bongo, forest elephant and Lord Derby eland hunts. We spend a great deal of time in Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

We have also filmed hunting expeditions in Spain, Romania, Pakistan, Macedonia, Argentina, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Turkey, the USA and New Caledonia. All of our cameramen are well schooled in the art of hunting and in no way do they interfere with the hunt, they in fact become a part of the team.

The company has produced many hunting and conservation videos over the years, three of which have won prestigious television awards in the U.S.A. In addition to producing a hunting TV series called “Global Pursuits” for the Versus channel in the USA, we have also done work for ESPN with “Chronicles of the Hunt”

We are commited conservationists and work closely with the Hunter Proud Foundation, Conservation Force and the SCI Foundation. Some of our work with these organizations can be seen here

  “The Fate of the African Lion” was a documentary that we produced and was submitted to the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a deposition opposing the petition to list the African lion as endangered on the US endangered species list.

Personalized hunting videos are our specialty, highlighting the day-to-day action of the safari as well as documenting aspects that are generally overlooked by the novice photographer. All footage is shot on digital HD cameras ensuring the highest possible broadcast quality.

Our six, high-end editing suites are computer based Apple Mac with cutting edge video editing software. The final product is a professionally produced documentary with commentary and original music score, tastefully presented in customized cover and box in both the DVD and Blu-ray format.

Many of our clients, over the years, have gone on to make commercial productions of their safari films. This is a lot easier than you may think. We can tailor-make your production to conform to the generally accepted format for safari films. We take care of the artwork for the DVD covers and then put you in contact with the video duplicator and distributor.

A professionally produced documentary of your hunting safari will be one of your most treasured trophies.